How directed film therapy was created

The author first got acquainted with film training at Elena Tararina’s educational sessions in 2009. He was interested in the method so much that his first materials appeared in just a few weeks. He designed the first training programs for school students and teachers. In the same year, the first research on the use of video materials in psychologists and teachers’ work was conducted.

In 2010, the author took Elena Tararina’s second training course but this time in the direction of cinema therapy. The experience and knowledge gained at the course significantly increased his interest in the use of cinema in psychological practice. Further studies were carried out and new programs on film training for employees of educational institutions were designed.

Some of those programs were published in the journal «Psychologist»in 2012.

Between 2012 and 2014 the author investigated the possibilities of using cinema in psychology and psychotherapy. He studied the works of Bernie Wooder, Antonio Meneghetti, Tav Sparks, Gary Solomon etc. and analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of each method. The author developed his first techniques, which later became the practical basis for directed film therapy.

In 2014, the first presentation of the method was held at Kyiv Art Therapy Festival “Art Praktik”.

During 2014 and 2015, due to the military conflict in Ukraine, the development of the method in its previous form was suspended. The author had to switch his attention because of the war. He continued to use films mainly working with displaced people. During that time, he gained much knowledge and experience in the use of any videos in work with trauma and crises.

In 2015, the development of the method was continued. Effective strategies, algorithms and methods of work were developed and techniques were actively created.

In 2016 the method received its official name “Directed Film Therapy”.

In 2017 the copyright was registered and an application for trademark registration was filed.

Logo "Directed Film Therapy"


In the same year, a public organization for promoting the development of film therapy and film training ” Institute of Directed Film Therapy and Film Training” was founded.

The toolkit of the method allows you to use any video series without restriction. We have developed algorithms for work with any video material, regardless of its type (feature films, documentaries, cartoons, shows, clips, amateur videos, etc.), duration (short videos, short-length and full-length films, serials and series) and semantic completeness (full movies or excerpts).

The development of new methods and techniques constantly continues. Currently, directed film therapy includes 35 strategies and more than ten algorithms of work. More than 300 techniques have been designed on the basis of the strategies. The first techniques were developed by the author. In 2018 more techniques were created by the graduates of training courses.

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