Training programs and courses


Training of a specialist in directed film therapy includes a basic program, specialization programs and thematic intensive courses.

The basic program in directed film therapy consists of four courses which include training of specialists in one of the following areas:

  1. Directed film training.
  2. Directed film coaching.
  3. Counselling by the method of directed film therapy.
  4. Directed film therapy. 

The courses are listed in the recommended but not obligatory order.  All courses, except for the fourth (directed film therapy), can be taken in any convenient for you sequence. Each course is a complete independent,   certified program. You can go through all of them or choose only those that interest you.

IMPORTANT! Only students who have completed studies in : directed film training, directed film coaching and counselling by the method of directed film therapy are allowed to take the course in directed film therapy.

Specialization programs will help you study in depth the peculiarities of work with a specific topic or category of people.

Thematic intensive courses give an opportunity to get a large amount of practical material on a particular topic.

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