The book “Introduction to Directed Film Therapy”


Serhii Krasin


The book in an accessible form highlights the practical foundations of film therapy. The main approaches and methods of work are highlighted. Описан новый, эффективный подход в работе с клиентами, основанный на просмотре любого аудиовизуального ряда – кино, мультфильмов, клипов, шоу.

The book will be interesting to psychologists, psychotherapists, consultants, trainers, coaches and anyone who is interested in cinema therapy.

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From the author

This book describes a new effective approach to work with clients which is based on watching any audiovisual series, e.g. films, cartoons, clips, shows. This is a completely new method that I developed for nine years.

As a big fan of film therapy, I have always strived to make the best use of films in my work. To do this, I studied all the available literature, different approaches and methods. I tried different approaches in the use of cinema in counselling, training and therapeutic work. Gradually, the true essence of film therapy, its strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and limitations were revealed to me more and more.

Having accumulated enough experience, I developed a new approach that significantly increases the effectiveness and expands the possibility of using films in a psychologist’s work. This approach is described in this book. Directed film therapy is useful in therapeutic, training, counselling and coaching work with clients.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Myths about the creation of film therapy
Chapter 2. How it all began
Antonio Meneghetti’s Cinemalogy
Gary Solomon’s Cinema Therapy
Bernie Wooder’s Movie Therapy
Tav Sparks’ Movie Yoga
Sergey Krasin’s Directed Film Therapy
Chapter 3. The essence of film therapy
Chapter 4. General characteristics of the method
Chapter 5. Directed film therapy areas
Therapy by the methods of directed film therapy
Counselling by the methods of directed film therapy
Directed film training
Directed film coaching
Chapter 6. Methods of directed film therapy
Methods of work with short excerpts up to 10 minutes long
Methods of work with selections of excerpts from films, clips, cartoons and other videos up to 10 minutes long
Methods of work with full-length films and selections of films
Chapter 7. Strategies and techniques
How it works
Key frame strategy
You – Me – We technique
I am a man technique
Emotional and imaginative diagnostics strategy
Family life technique
Last loop technique
Classical analogy strategy
Two worlds technique
Moon cheese technique

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