Thematic intensive courses

Thematic intensive courses are useful for those who are interested in getting a large amount of practical material on working with films within one training day.

The amount of theoretical information at the intensive courses is minimized. The main focus is on how films can be used in work with the stated topic. The number of films discussed within one intensive course may vary, but usually it is no less than eight and no more than twelve movies.

It is not necessary to be a participant of the basic training program to take part in thematic intensive courses. They are open to everyone who wants to improve their skills in this direction. The number of intensive courses and the list of topics are regularly updated.


1. Film therapy in work with adolescents (8 academic hours) – learn more

2. Film therapy in work with parent-child relationship
2.1. Mother – daughter relationship (8 academic hours) – learn more
2.2. Father – daughter relationship (8 academic hours)
2.3. Mother – son relationship (8 academic hours)
2.4. Father – son relationship (8 academic hours)

3. Film therapy in work with interpersonal relationship
3.1. Husband-wife relationship (8 academic hours)
3.2. Male-female relationship outside marriage (8 academic hours)

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